Dr Norman is a psychologist  with experience treating, researching and training others on PTSD. I am so grateful for her joining to share her expertise on the topic of PTSD. We dive into what are some contributing factors, some data behind statistical probability of PTSD. She describes how one develops PTSD and some of the symptoms and signs of PTSD. There are links below for more information if you are curious if you may be suffering from PTSD. Dr Norman then dives into possible treatments and what to expect with those. 

There are so many things I was able to identify in my personal life, as well as, some of the stories shared previously. I am hopeful this episode helped inform other a bit more about what PTSD is and ideas to get help. 

Resources Mentioned:
PTSD Coach (app)
PTSD Coach online (https://www.edc.org/ptsd-coach-online)
A quick survey on (https://www.ptsd.va.gov/screen)
About face (AboutFace – National Center for PTSD – Veterans Affairshttps://www.ptsd.va.gov
› appvid › aboutface
PTSD Treatment Decision Add (PTSD Treatment Decision Aidhttps://www.ptsd.va.gov › apps › decisionaid)

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