Danny and I met during a virtual VA program called iVET. It was a new but short prolonged exposure (PE) therapy course. Very Interesting class that was recommended by my therapist to explore for new programs provided by the VA in Hawai’i. This course was a combination of therapy, group chat and physical health all rolled in one. Danny and I really connected in the group chat. I saw a lot of similarities between her and myself. So I asked her to join me on the podcast. She shares how she identified there were some issues and ways she coped with her trauma. 

Talking with Danny reminded me how my journey started. Her talking about the positive impact of the routine of the iVet program. Healthy routines have had a huge positive impact in my life. We all know deep down the impacts of our day to day choices. We can pick the healthy choices and routine or the unhealthy ones. Then Danny spoke to the awesomeness of seeing completely different veterans with completely different stories of what caused the trauma dealing with the impacts of that trauma in very similar ways. This helped her not feel so alone, or isolated and helped her open up a bit about herself and situation more. 

Resources Mentioned:
PE Coach https://www.ptsd.va.gov/appvid/mobile/index.asp
Good support structure 

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