Month: May 2022

Episode 2: Kip (Veteran)

Combat Veteran and good friend that shares some old stories from back when we were both young and bright eyed, to the days that followed war. He shares hurdles from poor therapists to therapeutic practices that worked and didn’t work for him. He dives deep into  indicators of deeper issues and what he did to…

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Episode 1: Jonathan (Veteran)

It would be rude to ask others to come on to a podcast and share their journey with PTSD if I did not share mine. I hope there is something about my journey that is beneficial to someone else. Please help support the growth of this podcast by sharing and following on IG, Twitter, Facebook…

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Introduction to Normalize PTSD Podcast

I am looking to reach out to those suffering in silence with PTSD by chatting with as many veterans and first responders as will talk with me. The goal and purpose is to show as many different perspectives as possible. I also plan to reach out to the support community to find resources and what…

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