Allison Feduccia, PhD is a neuropharmacologist, psychedelic researcher and educator. She is the co-founder of Psychedelic Support, a platform for education and to connect with psychedelic practitioners, and Project New Day, a 501(c)3 nonprofit on a mission to help people overcome addiction and actualize mental health through the responsible use of psychedelics. She began researching MDMA in 2004, accumulating 17 years of experience in mental health research at UT Austin, UCSF, NIH, and MAPS. Dr. Feduccia gives us a brief summary of the history of psychedelics and why we are now talking about them with regards to PTSD and other mental health disorders.

This was such a fun chat. I really enjoyed how Dr. Feduccia hit on the history of psychedelics, the stigma around them, and then dove into the research on them currently. There seemed to be a bit more information on MDMA than the others but that is because it’s the furthest along in the researching process. The others are coming along and we will try to do another episode as there are more breakthroughs on this topic. This may not be something for everyone but it’s another tool to be used to help. With 67% of people showing improvement a year after treatment, I’m hoping this treatment is approved soon. It looks to be early 2024 but there are several trails available, check the links below.

Resources Mentioned:
‘How to Change Your Mind’ Limited series on Netflix

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