There has been a bit of discussion with secondary PTSD. I was put in contact with Dr Steffany Fredman by a former guest, Dr Carmen. Dr Fredman’s interest is in the intersection between individual mental health and couple functioning. Her focus is on those with PTSD. Dr Fredman is really interested in how PTSD affects couples’ relationships. Dr Fredman is passionate about developing, testing, and (most importantly)disseminating couple base therapy. 

This was such an insightful conversation. The concept of approaching PTSD as a team just makes sense to me. Historically for me if I wanted to improve myself then I would always tell my close friends and family so they can hold me accountable.

Whether  it was making a bet I wasn’t going to drink for a year (or else my buddy Chris gets to tase me at any moment he deems fit) or something as simple as getting a workout buddy (so I wouldn’t just let myself down if I skipped a workout but also that person).

Back to the couple therapy- in addition to being held accountable you both become more informed about PTSD.
I find that having a better understanding of PTSD is beneficial for both individuals in a relationship. That person that cares about you will likely do anything in the world to help. Knowing what will help is important so we don’t find ourselves facilitating bad habits or making the situation worse.

Resources Mentioned:
Book: Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD by Dance M. Monson and Steffany J. Fredman

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