This has been such an awesome adventure. I have met so many interesting people with unique perspectives. Being able to openly discuss the real issues I have faced and listen to others talk about theirs, it has helped me understand myself better. It has made me more comfortable discussing it in public and has led to some really cool conversations. The holiday season can be tough for some. Please reach out to your friends, family and loved ones to let them know you are thinking of them, they are loved and appreciated. Thank you for everything and excited to see where this adventure goes. 

We would really appreciate a share and like on IG, FB, Youtube and Twitter. I am always looking for veterans or first responders who have battled PTSD to share how you have raised the quality of your life to shorten that journey for others. Additionally if you support,  provide services for these groups, or have extensive knowledge of benefits available for these groups please reach out. I would love to have a chat and share that knowledge with the community.

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