Episode 36_36_What is Vasper with Chelsea of Waimea Yoga
Chelsea Morriss, owner of Waimea Yoga

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Chelsea is the owner of Waimea Yoga and is a huge support to the veteran and first responder community. She was previously on the podcast on Episode 9 and 9.5. That episode was on iRest meditation. She graciously reached out to me to try out a new piece of equipment she is using to help veterans and first responders. It is called the Vasper. I hope you enjoy the quick episode on how to try it and support those looking to get an opportunity to use it. 

I have been getting organized to head off island for a bit and this was a blessing. I was a bit stretched thin and was neglecting my normal workout routine and then walked in Vasper. It was so nice, it was easy but about 30 mins I felt like I did a solid workout. My favorite part after the exercise was sitting on the cooling table and doing a quick 10 minute session of iRest. After that I was ready for my day and everything it brought my way. This opportunity really helped remind me, for the millionth time, how valuable exercise is each day. It seems like almost everyone who jumps on here to share their story is doing the same. I hope you found something useful in this episode. 

Resources Mentioned:

iRest https://www.irest.org/about-irest 
Being introspective
Nidra Yoga
Daily exercise 

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“It's simple, but it's not easy”. Can apply to almost all normal problems in our life. Simple to know what to do but when emotions, egos and stubbornness get involved, it's no longer easy. 

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