37_Combat Brain Training with John Kennedy Director of Mental Performance Institute

John Kennedy, Neuroplastician, Director of the Mental Performance InstituteInternational Best Selling Author, john@combatbraintraining.com

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Websites: https://community.thriveglobal.com/how-navy-seals-and-4th-graders-alike-train-their-brains/ & http://www.mentalperformanceinstitute.org/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennedycg/ 

John’s program was developed at the request of the Marine Corps in 2007 to improve focus, situational awareness, and faster and better decision making under stress. The goal was  to improve Warfighting and reduce casualties, but we found it was also a significant accelerator of recovery from PTS and  TBI. It spread to Snipers, pilots, Navy SEALs, and EOD, as well as Wounded Warrior units.

I really enjoyed my chat with John. You can tell that he genuinely cares about helping others. The exercises that he provided to me were not complicated or hard. It reminded me of swimming. Go with me for a second…. When I think about swimming I would think about the days when I was on the swim team when I was a kid. I just assume when I jump in a pool I am going to frolic through that water like a fish. I do not anymore. It’s more of a fight to not drown. It’s because I might have swam 10 times in the last 20 years. When John gave me a sheet of paper and told me to read it aloud left to right, it was going to be as easy as it sounded. I was so fascinated by how sleepy and sluggish my mind felt. When we added fruits to colors and tapping….my mind was blown by how quickly my mind caught up to the complexity of the tasks being asked. It really was a cool experience and also showed me I need to do more to challenge my mind. I hope you all find this as interesting as I did. 

Resources Mentioned:

  • ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ by Norman Doidge (book)
  • Cognitively Primed Decision Making
  • Combat Brain Training

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