Svitlana Tarasenko, Ukrainian psychologist working in a positive and transcultural psychotherapy approach; Member of National psychological Association in Ukraine and American Psychological Association; Volunteer in the project “Psychosocial support service for families of military personnel” founded by the NGO “Public movement for Empowering Women in Ukraine”

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At the moment, Svitlana has a private practice as a psychologist. She provides online consultations to clients with various requests, ranging from problems with self-esteem or personal relationships to the consequences of PTSD or experienced traumatic events. For almost a year, Svitlana has been volunteering for a project where she and her colleagues, as psychologists, provide psychosocial support to military personnel and their family members in the format of phone consultations or messenger chats.

Svitlana’s story and personality is the encapsulation of a comment she said to me during one of our conversations about the struggles of negative situations. I am paraphrasing, but she mentioned it is powerful when positivity comes from negative situations. I see her as that positivity. I really enjoyed her uplifting nature and positive outlook on her situation in Ukraine. That’s not to demean or diminish the realness of the dangers of a war – but staying positive is powerful. She is making such a positive impact for so many, and it’s awesome I got the opportunity to talk with her. 

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