This month is PTSD Awareness month and the 1-year anniversary of attempting a podcast. When I started this journey, I was unaware of all the groups and organizations that are out there helping other humans. Then I found out there seems to be a new modality or type of therapy popping up all the time. It can really be overwhelming trying to figure out, if you need to work on mental health, what might work for you, where to get more information, and who to reach out to for help. I do not feel like I have sufficiently touched on those, so I hope to improve that next year. I do feel like I am better informed now than I was last year, and I hope you all are also. I am starting to evolve my understanding of my own mental health and see that my questions are changing a bit. It has been such a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with so many people. I never would have thought I would have had the chance to speak with professors, doctors, owners of huge companies, and inspirational leaders. I am so blessed. 

It has been an interesting year. This podcast experience was terrifying at first but has evolved into something I look forward to recording. You can ask the social media team that I am less enthusiastic about the editing side of things haha. Thankfully they are awesome and have really helped with the creatives and getting the voice of everyone I have talked to out there for you all to hear. I thought it would be fun to do a quick little episode on some of my favorite experiences, quotes that stuck, and sometimes moments where my perspective was changed to see something completely different.

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