Robin Collins is a Health Coach and founder of Pathway To Wellness With Robin. 

Robin educates, empowers and encourages Veterans and First Responders to learn ways they can support and balance their mind and body. 

Her passion is to help fill some of the gaps Veterans and First responders are experiencing in standard treatment options with compassionate coaching utilizing Holistic Health Principles.

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Robin was such a lovely guest. She mentioned something that took me back to thoughts I had before seeking help for my mental health issues. I clearly remember thinking to myself that I wouldn’t get help for what I assumed was this PTSD thing everyone spoke about. I was so mad at myself for being weak and not being able to handle war better. I saw so many other guys who were over there with families, kids, normal lives and no anger issues or drinking problems. My pride kept me from healing for so long. Almost like if I pretended I didn’t need help then I wasn’t weak, and I didn’t have PTSD. Seeking help was the hardest thing I ever did. I believe it was so hard because it was the death of the idea of who I wanted and thought I should be. The projection of me I wanted others to believe was the real me. By getting help I was finally free to just be me. The peace that comes with just being free to be you and being a version of you that you are proud of, I cannot articulate accurately enough to give justice.

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We would really appreciate a share and like on IG, FB, YouTube, and Twitter. I am always looking for veterans or first responders who have battled PTSD to share how you have raised the quality of your life to shorten that journey for others. Additionally, if you support, provide services for these groups, or have extensive knowledge of benefits available for these groups please reach out. I would love to have a chat and share that knowledge with the community.

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