Brainspotting and GHP with Dr. David Copeland, Licensed Mental Health Counselor-Supervisor in Florida, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, and Brainspotting Practitioner; Author of God’s Healing Process: An Everyday State of Grace Existence

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Dr. David Copeland is a retired USAF veteran: started off front line Cold War, fall of the wall, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, over to the desert a number of times to include Kobar towers, and a remote tour at Kunsan Korea. After retiring from the USAF, he entered Youth Ministry for four and a half years and became a mental health counselor. 

His work has included both individuals & families with experience ranging from infants, children, & adolescents to Special Forces Combat Veterans (men & women). He's a former counseling director at Genesis House, where he worked with addiction issues and individuals coming out of prison or addiction centers. He has experience working in a clinical setting with a Medicated Assistant Treatment (MAT) program for opiate addictions.

Currently, Dr. Copeland is providing mental health counseling services in his private practice in Niceville, FL near Eglin AFB. His work includes helping individuals with trauma issues from adverse life experiences. His experience includes working with Combat veterans and their families on marital and attachment issues created from adverse conditions aka trauma. He has had several years of experience as a child and youth behavioral counselor with military families. 

Dr. Copeland is also a Christian Life Coach helping individuals with spiritual formation and has developed a unique and practical approach to trauma treatment by integrating science and faith that he calls God's Healing Process (GHP). 

I have always enjoyed my conversations with Dr. Copeland. I understand why people may have approached him with their problems in the days before he became a counselor. He is very approachable and has a depth of understanding that is easy to follow.

I listened back to our episode, and I noticed I didn’t ask a ton of questions in the early stages of the episode. I felt like every time I had a question, he just naturally transitioned into explaining that specific question I had. I feel like we could have talked for hours. I'm looking forward to the next time we chat and getting some experience trying brainspotting and self-spotting.


  •  Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change by David Grand, PhD
  • The Power of Brainspotting: An International Anthology by Gerhard Wolfrum Ed.
  • This is Your Brain on Sports: Beating Blocks, Slumps, and Performance Anxiety for Good! by David Grand, PhD and Alan Goldberg, EdD
  • Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents, An Attuned Treatment Approach for Effective Brain-Body Healing by Monika Baumann
  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  • Having connection with others

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