‘Tall’ Tim is a retired firefighter with 44 years in the fire service. Married 29 years, two adult kids, and now the Director of First Responders for Stronger Families, a non-profit that does relationship work for military, veterans and first responders.

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Stronger Families helps departments strengthen marriages, families, and personnel. They understand how important it is to have a strong support system, especially in the workplace and at home, there to provide that support.  

The support they provide is Department Wellness Block Training. This is 6 sessions, available in both on-site training and online training through their Dashboard, which includes videos, PowerPoint slides, scripts, and materials needed for the training.

For First Responders at home, they offer customized 8-hour Couples Retreats for departments, unions, and guilds. A Stronger Families OXYGEN Retreat is an experience designed for First Responder couples to receive life-changing relationship skills so they can be strong and thrive at home and at work. This weekend includes tools and opportunities for couples to connect with their partners and to laugh, learn, and become empowered to better navigate their relationships.

They also offer Date Nights where they help customize 6 different topics, each lasting about 90 minutes that you can bring to the couples in your department. These can be taught as “train-the-trainer” as well, so your own people from your department can host the events.

They have a newly created Spouse Support Network, where they assist in building a custom online dashboard for the PARTNERS of First Responders. The dashboard provides access to videos, podcasts, articles, and book suggestions, with new material added each month.

They are a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring life-changing relationship skills to military, first responder, and veteran families so they can be strong and thrive both at work and at home.

I really enjoyed talking with ‘Tall’ Tim. I know I say that about every episode, but I really do enjoy these stories. It reminds me of when I felt alone and isolated. I was trapped in my own mind assuming that everyone was judging me and seeing me in the warped negative light that I saw myself in. Hearing Tim’s story about getting help and not just getting it but wanting it. Wanting to be a better person – a better spouse – is so cool. Stories like these are my favorite to share because I know there’s a ton of us out there that feel exactly like he did. I know I did. Hopefully you all find something in this that is motivating and helpful. 

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