Matt Quackenbush is a trauma therapist, public speaker, researcher, a writer, and a teacher. Matt is the Director of Education and Training for Deer Hollow Recovery and host of the Finding Strength Podcast.

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Matt has been a prominent advocate for change within the mental health community for nearly two decades, an exceptional public speaker with over 300+ hours of on-stage speaking experience. Renowned for his captivating presence, thought-provoking ideas, and impeccable delivery, Matt has become a sought-after expert. He is currently engaged in a national speaking tour with Deer Hollow Recovery & First Watch Wellness, where he educates First Responders, Veterans, & their families on the profound impact of stress, trauma, & PTSD. This highly requested training program showcases the most up-to-date best practices that are currently being utilized to address the mental health crisis within the First Responder and Veteran Communities. 

In addition to his speaking engagements, Matt serves as the esteemed host of the critically acclaimed Finding Strength Podcast. Through this platform, he explores various topics related to mental health, resilience, & personal growth, providing valuable insights to thousands of listeners.

Moreover, Matt holds the distinction of being a Certified Mind-Body Bridging Therapist, specializing in a diverse range of evidence-based trauma treatment models. With extensive experience encompassing over 15,000 hours of trauma-focused therapy, he employs therapeutic approaches such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Psychodrama, & mindfulness techniques.

Matt's dedication to his field and his extensive expertise makes him a highly respected professional within the mental health community. He was recently honored at the Health 2.0 International Healthcare Conference receiving the “Outstanding Leadership Award” due to his innovative work that is creating wide-spread change across the landscape of healthcare. 

Matt Quackenbush, The Quackstack, Sir Quackattack, The Quack is back… I had so much fun meeting Mr. Quacktastic, and it wasn’t just because he has such a fun name to say. This guy is knowledgeable and passionate. It was an amazing combo. Addiction has been a topic I wanted to discuss, and I hope to discuss more. I find it interesting how we can grab onto things for comfort and ignore the consequences that are sometimes deadly. I really enjoyed how Matt broke addictions down and put it in a perspective that clicked for me. I have always been fascinated on how an addiction isn’t always drugs, it can be an action like too much working or excessive exercise. It could be eating or most popular in the Veteran and first responder community…. alcohol. You can, and many do, love an addiction to death. Matt breaks down ways to identify if you are struggling, steps and resources to try if you are struggling and lets you know there is hope. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. 

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