Episode: 9 iRest with Chelsea Morriss from Waimea Yoga

Chelsea joined us today and gave us a taste of what iRest (https://www.irest.org) yoga’s meditation piece is like. She shares her unique journey to get certified and what doors that opened. She dives deep into why it works and hopefully you enjoy the 15 mins of meditation. 

I have never really explored yoga or this type of meditation ever in my life. I went into her studio like a coke bottle someone just dropped a mentos in and put the lid back on. I was an emotional mess. I put all the stigmas and stereotypes I had about yoga and just went all in 100% that day. For the first time in months I smiled. This was the start of my aggressive journey toward a better life and I still try to look at things objective and commit to them 100% to see if they will benefit me or not with my mental health. 

iRest Yoga
Comfortable being introspective
Nidra Yoga

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