Joined by Cory Kapes with The Warrior Sailing Program. We dive deep into the organizations mission: Getting military service members on the water can provide physical, mental and emotional therapy for a variety of injuries and illness. Sailing is an outlet to cope with the long term effects of PTSD, brain injury, amputation, paralysis and nerve damage…plus it’s really fun way for our warrior sailors to express their most natural abilities: teamwork and competitive drive. I hope you all enjoy the chat as much as I did.

Where to find Warrior Sailing:

They can also be found on IG, Facebook and YouTube. Links for these can be found at the bottom of their website or just search for warrior sailing on the associated platform. 

Please share and like on IG, FB, Youtube and Twitter. I am always looking for veterans or first responders who have battled PTSD. Additionally if you support,  provide services for these groups, or have extensive knowledge of benefits available for these groups please reach out. I would love to have a chat and share that knowledge with the community.

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