One of the most important things to have in your life when getting after some PTSD, is an awesome support network. Sarah freakin crushed it and shares some of the how’s and what she did. She talks about how she got better about being a support person by asking at therapy and a support group. I am so grateful for this awesome woman to come on and share her perspective and hope it is beneficial for others. Spouses like this are why we have men and women who are able to go out there and do these incredible jobs. 

Therapy for herself
Maybe poked Mike to go get therapy 😏 
Support network (like minded friends who don’t judge)
Became an informed family support network
Military support group (Veterans and Spouses)

Please share and like on IG, FB, Youtube and Twitter. I am always looking for veterans or first responders who have battled PTSD. Additionally if you support,  provide services for these groups, or have extensive knowledge of benefits available for these groups please reach out. I would love to have a chat and share that knowledge with the community.

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