Month: October 2023

50_Stronger Families with ‘Tall’ Tim Sears

‘Tall’ Tim is a retired firefighter with 44 years in the fire service. Married 29 years, two adult kids, and now the Director of First Responders for Stronger Families, a non-profit that does relationship work for military, veterans and first responders. Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: Podcast: Heroes at Home Podcast Website: Tim's…

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49_Freespira with Dr. Cuyler

Robert N. Cuyler, PhD serves as Chief Clinical Officer of Freespira, Inc. Dr. Cuyler supervises clinical operations of the company, heads research initiatives, and represents Freespira in conference, publication, and media outlets. His research on real world outcomes with Freespira was published in 2022 in Frontiers in Digital Health. Dr. Cuyler received his Ph.D. in…

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