Month: December 2022

34_Happy Holidays and Thank You So Much for the Support

This has been such an awesome adventure. I have met so many interesting people with unique perspectives. Being able to openly discuss the real issues I have faced and listen to others talk about theirs, it has helped me understand myself better. It has made me more comfortable discussing it in public and has led…

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33_Abigail Manning, Founder of Create Awareness…Change Lives, Inc.

Abigail Manning, Founder of Create Awareness…Change Lives, Inc. Abigail’s Areas of Expertise Include:Think = Cognitive SkillsSay = Social & Communication SkillsDo = Behavioral Skills Social media/Links to work: Website: Speaker Highlight Video: Air Force Academy National Symposium Speech: LinkedIn: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Abigail Manning, Founder of…

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32_22 Zero with founder Daniel Jarvis (Veteran/First Responder)

Daniel Jarvis is a retired Army SFC and Deputy Sheriff. Following a heartbreaking deployment and the loss of his mother he found himself struggling with suicidal ideations and substance abuse. He would find himself contemplating suicide but stopped due the pitter patter of tiny feet of the children in the apartment above him. He would…

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